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Here students create their own version of Munch’s paintingThe Scream




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Title – Scream Paintings inspired by Munch

By – Tara Fennell

Primary Subject – Art

Grade Level – 2-5
Time Needed – 3-4 40 minute class periods


    In this lesson, students will observe and respond to Munch’s painting

    The Scream

    . They will produce their own version of the painting including an object, animal, insect etc. that makes them want to scream!


  • Draw a scene similar to Munch’s which shows distance, overlapping, size variation etc.
  • Use humor in the artwork
  • Learn proper use of watercolor paint


  • White drawing paper,
  • pencils,
  • black permanent markers,
  • watercolor paint,
  • brushes,
  • reproduction of Munch’s painting

    The Scream


    Begin by showing students a reproduction of The Scream. Ask questions that seek detailed responses such as “Who do you think the man is in this painting and what do you think he is feeling? What do you notice about the colors the artist used? Why do you think the man is screaming?” Discuss how you will be creating a similar painting in this style and ask students to suggest things that would make them want to scream such as homework, spiders, lima beans, aliens, etc.

Art Making:

    Students will begin by sketching a similar scene of a screaming person in the foreground and their chosen scary object floating around in the background. Encourage them to draw the object multiple times across their paper and in varying sizes to create distance. I had my students choose only one thing that made them want to scream so that their painting would seem unified and not too confusing. Once their sketch was complete, students traced their drawing with a black permanent marker and painted with watercolor.


    Review important terms and concepts, particularly ways to show distance and space within a drawing. Constant review of proper ways to handle brushes and paint is always helpful. I also made special labels for this project that the students filled out themselves. I included a space for them to describe what it was that made them want to scream since some of their drawings were quite abstract!


Tara Fennell


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