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This lesson is on Music, Lines, Color, and Related Emotions


Art, Music  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Music, Lines, and Emotions
By – Stephanie Slatner
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – 6-8 
Discipline Area: Art Production and Art Theory
Concept/Goal: Emotion can be shown through line.
Activity: Students will use music use music and art to categorize line and color into specific emotions.
Tools; Special Equipment; Supplies: Newsprint, Heavy Drawing Paper, Sharpie Markers, Pencil, Tempera Paints, Paintbrushes, Paper Plates, Water
Line- a thin continuous mark, as that made by a pen, pencil, or brush applied to a surface
Unity- an ordering of all elements in a work of art or literature so that each contributes to a unified aesthetic effect
Rhythm- a regular or harmonious pattern created by lines, forms, and colors in painting, sculpture, and other visual arts, The pattern of musical movement through time
Analogous, Warm and Cool Colors, Monochromatic

Lesson Design: Students will hear music and will do a line drawing stemming from the emotions that they feel from hearing the music. Then they will paint the drawing using a color scheme.

Anticipatory Set/Motivation: Each table is given a work of abstract art by an artist. Then short clips of music will be played from a variety of sources. (Spanish, drums, chant, opera, symphony, swing, big band, marches, new age, etc.) The students will close their eyes and image drawing lines for each clip of music. Then after each piece played, they will look at the artwork on their table and see if the music they just heard matches the lines in the artwork. If so, we will share with the class and tell why they thought that way. They will then be given the heavy drawing paper and a permanent marker to hear more music to make their final line drawing.
Modeling/Demonstration: After all six have been addressed, the students will be given a small piece of newsprint to draw on with a pencil as a warm-up exercise. They will hear each piece of music over and be required to draw at least one line that corresponds with each selection.

Guided Practice/Independent Practice: They will then be given the heavy drawing paper and a permanent marker to hear more music to make their final line drawing.
The next week they will be given their line drawings and they will have to pick a specific color scheme that best fits the emotion in their piece and using tempera paints color in the whole piece.

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