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Here is a fun Thanksgiving lesson plan called Musical Turkeys


Art, Music  




Title – Musical Turkey
By – Celeste McKenzie
Subject – Music, Art
Grade Level – PreK
Objective: Students will paste specified colors on their turkey, in accordance with the song.
Preparation: Using your own hand, trace, with thumb extended and other fingers bent in, to create a turkey shape. Add a head and two legs. At the bottom of the picture label “My Musical Turkey.” Photocopy for correct number of children. Cut feathers out of construction paper in brown, red, yellow and orange.
Materials needed for class:
Crayon & glue stick.
Pass out one turkey sheet to each student. Have students write their names on the top of the paper.
Teach the song “Have you ever seen a turkey” by rote. Sing to the tune of “The more we get together”
Have you ever seen a turkey, a turkey, a turkey?
Have you ever seen a turkey with feathers so bright?
There’s red ones and brown ones, and yellow ones and orange ones
Have you ever seen a turkey with feathers so bright?

After the children have sung the song a few times begin the art portion of the lesson. Again sing the song, this time, instructing children to glue each feather to the turkey in the order that it is presented in the song. Once each turkey is complete sing the song again while each child holds his turkey in front of him, gently swaying it to the music. As they sing the colors they point to each colored feather.

When I send the turkeys home I tell the children that Mommy & Daddy will probably ask why their paper says that their turkey is a musical one. This is the perfect opportunity for the children to sing their new song to their parents, just in time for Thanksgiving!

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