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Learners use self-describing words as a structure in this “Art about Me” drawing idea




4, 5, 6, 7  

Title – Art And You
By – Anna R.
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – Level 4-7


    In this lesson, students learn to draw creatively using words as a structure for a drawing.


  • Get the students to brainstorm all of the main characteristics about themselves.
  • Ask them to put these characteristics into two lists: good and bad.
  • Then they must put them in order, most important to least important.

Preparation before Main Task:

    Students pick 1-5 of their characteristics.

Main Task:

    Students draw things about themselves around the 1-5 words that they have chosen. They could hide the words, or they could have the words as a main structure with the pictures around it.


    After completing their artwork, the students write a conclusion on why they chose the pictures, words, and colors they chose.


    This may take more than one lesson!

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