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Start the first week of school off right with this fun idea




2, 3  

Title – First Day/Week Activities
By – Sandi McClave
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 2-3

When the kids arrive at school, they each take down a paper “Puzzle” piece with their name on it (hanging in the hallway). (You can take attendance easily by seeing which pieces are left.) They are to color and decorate it on day 1. This is great quiet seat work while you greet each child as they enter. You can check in their supplies and take care of necessary paper work while they are “creating”. During day 2, we sit in the hall and discuss how to put the bulletin board puzzle together. This is an opportunity to hear language and see interaction with their peers. In about 20 minutes, you have a large bulletin board “puzzle”. The kids would see the spellings of each others names. You would see neatness, attention to detail, staying on task or the lack of. During day 2 or 3, we would take 3-5 real puzzle pieces and glue them on to a 1 inch wooden heart. They have fun and you get to observe following directions and spatial skills. (I had hot-glued pins on the backs ahead of time.) They can then wear their Puzzle Pin home as a reminder of the fun first few days of class.

To make the puzzle, put the paper on the bulletin board so it is covered. Draw your puzzle pieces. Don’t forget to add a piece or 2 for your title and class name. Write all the names on the pieces, cut and hang in the hall, ready for the first day.

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