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Painting without Paint





Title – Painting without Paint
By – Theresa
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – pre-k or special needs students practicing fine motor skills



Painting without paint


  • paper with shamrock outline
  • squares of green tissue paper (a variety of shades can be fun)
  • paint brushes
  • bowl, cup, or similar container for holding either water or white vinegar


The children will practice fine motor proficiency by picking up, placing, and peeling pieces of tissue paper and by manipulating a paint brush (and scissors if desired)

Task analysis:

  • Give each child a piece of paper with the outline of a shamrock on it.
  • Provide squares (or any shape) of green tissue paper. (If you want to work on language skills, require children to ask for another square each time they want another two or three. Have them count with you as you give them the number of squares they have requested).
  • Each child will place their squares inside the shamrock and use either water or vinegar to paint the tissue into place.
  • Once wet it will stay on the paper, and once dry some of the green will have bled onto the paper and will stay there when the child peels the tissue off. The vinegar makes the colors more vibrant.

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