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An idea for making Paper Stained Glass Windows




2, 3  

Title – Window Mosaic Art

By – Debbie Haren

Primary Subject – Art

Secondary Subjects –

Grade Level – 2-3


Black construction paper


tissue paper of different colors


pattern of a window

wax paper


Find a pattern that you like for a window. The best type is long and wide with an arch at the top like you see in Cathedral type churches. Use black construction paper for the window’s frame. Students could cut it to fit real classroom windows or just miniatures. Then, cut out the wax paper to fit behind the black cut out of the front of the window. The black construction paper will make the outline of the window and the wax paper will hold the beautiful decoration of tissue paper to make it look like a wonderful mural or stained glass window. Wet the piece of wax paper and stick small cut out squares of colored tissue paper onto the wax paper. After that dries attach the black construction paper outline of the window onto the front of the wax paper. Tape the finished stained glass window onto a window for the best effect. This is very pretty and so simple. Try it and enjoy the beauty!!


Debbie Haren


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