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Here’s a Craft idea to create neat Juggling Balls for use in PE!


Art, P.E. & Health  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  


Title – Juggling Balls
By – Craftbits
Subject – Art, Physical Education
Grade Level – 4 – 8
You can make these juggling balls in Art class. Then use them in Physical Education to teach the kids coordination and balance

What You Will need:

Use a funnel and fill the balloon with the bird seed. This is a slow process.
Next, cut the neck off the balloon and place a second balloon over the hole now you should have a completely covered ball with no bird seed popping out.
If you want them to be stronger add another BASE balloon here.
Next, with a balloon cut some holes in it with the tips of your scissors and remove the neck of the balloon then open it up and place it over the ball.
The color underneath should be showing through the holes and giving it a nice colorful pattern.
Repeat this with several layers of balloons and holes adding to the effect and also to the strength.
Try to arrange it so the original birdseed hole is always covered by a firm piece of balloon and not a balloon hole.
For a Yo-Yo stress ball add a piece of elastic to bounce it with.

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