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In this lesson idea, Special Ed students demonstrate creativity by making edible pictures on their pizza





Title – Pizza Pix
By – Julia Delrosario
Primary Subject – Art
Grade – Special Ed

IEP Goals:

    Students will actively participate in special activities that encourage creative thinking.

Objective (purpose):

    Students will demonstrate creativity by making a picture with pizza toppings.


    Show students the ingredients and tell them what each one is. Then, show student an example.


    Show students a teacher-made example of a pizza picture and then make another one alongside students and help them with their design.

Method of Explanation:

    Work alongside students and help students with their picture.

Learning Activities/Reinforcement and Individual Assessment:

    Cook the pizza and then have students take a picture of the pizza before they eat it.


    Let student eat the pizza.


    This helps students demonstrate creativity.

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