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Here’s an idea to reuse those Plastic Easter Eggs as decorations




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Title – Recycling old plastic eggs into new ones!

By – Linda Newcome

Primary Subject – Art

Secondary Subjects – Art

Grade Level – 2-5

Purpose is to teach students of all ages to listen carefully and follow directions. It also gives them an end product that they can enjoy and teach others with.

Objectives: students will listen to and follow directions. Create a new object by recycling an old one. Discuss and learn the importance of recycling. Develop fine motor skills.

Materials: plastic Easter eggs any color, gold ribbon or cord, bright pastel colored party napkins, decoupage, tacky glue, and extra fine silver, gold, or translucent glitter

Procedures: Teacher has all materials laid out and ready. They pass the eggs, napkins, and decoupage out to each student. Teacher shows students how to tear their napkins into small pieces, wipe decoupage onto their egg, place the torn napkin on the egg covering completely. Students then smooth decoupage over the outside of the egg and napkin. Teacher will sprinkle students’ choice of glitter onto the eggs. Allow to dry completely. Take narrow ribbon or cord and glue with tacky glue to the tip of the egg. They can be used to place on an egg tree or made without the ribbon/cord and placed in small baskets as an Easter direction. Enjoy!


Linda Newcome


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