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An Art lesson for making Playdough Christmas Ornaments


Art, Science  


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Title – Christmas Playdough Ornaments
By – Michelle Cagle
Subject – Art, Science
Grade Level – 1-3
This is a lesson on how matter changes when you combine two different forms.

Pair students off. Give each pair a sealed ziploc bag that contains 1 cup of flour, and 1/2 cup of salt. Instruct them not to open the bag. Invite students to describe what is in the bag. Ask them to describe how it feels, and looks. Ask children to develop a hypothesis on how the contents of the bag will change when water is added.

Add 1/3 cup of colored water (red and green food coloring works nicely) to each bag. Seal bag and let students squeeze the bag until everything is mixed. Discuss how the contents in the bag changed. Let children remove playdough from the bag, divide it in half, and continue to mix it with their hands.

Provide each student with either newspaper or construction paper so that they can roll out their dough. Have a collection of holiday cookie cutters available and let the students cut ornaments out of the clay. Using a straw, put a small hole in the ornaments so that you can put string or ribbon through it to hang. Let ornaments dry for 24 hours.

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