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5 Step Lesson Plan – Falling Leaves


Art, Science  


K, 1  

Title – 5 Step Lesson Plan – Falling Leaves
By – Renea Magnani
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects – Science
Grade Level – Kindergarten – 1st Grade
Lesson Vitals:
1. Topic of Lesson: Art/Science
2. Objective: Students will create a tree from construction paper.
3. Materials: Teacher-Colored construction paper, pencil, scissors, glue.
4. Key vocabulary: Fall, seasons, leaves, change.
5. Grade Level: K-1

Step 1- Anticipatory Set:
1. Focus: Read Round and Round the Seasons Go. Discuss the four seasons and the changes that occur with each.
2. Objective: Student’s will understand the pattern that seasons follow and the changes that come with each.
3. Transfer from previous lesson: Discuss book that was previously read, Gather Up, Gather In. Discuss the concepts that are similar.

Step 2 – Instruction:
1. Model the skill: Teacher will model how to trace one’s hand and the proper way to cut. Teacher will create a model of the art for children to view. Also discuss use of glue and proper clean up and safety procedures.
2. Check for understanding: Ask the students how the teacher’s picture depicts an autumn seen.

Step 3 – Guided Practice
1. First grade students will assist Kindergartners with tracing their hands for practice.
2. Teacher will assess which students will need further assistance prior to final tracing and cutting for project completion.

Step 4 – Closure / Review:
1. Review: Upon completion of work, teacher discusses with the students which season will come next and students brainstorm ideas for related art projects for winter.

Step 5 – Independent Practice-

1. Students will practice tracing and cutting skills during “choice time” at the art center.

Evaluation: Teacher collects artwork and considers areas which technique improvements are necessary.

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