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This lesson plan uses science and see-through fish


Art, Science  


PreK, K  


Karen Farley

Title : See-through fish (Science)

Grade : PreK-K

Materials : Construction Paper

watercolors (blue)

Elmers glue


paint brush

Objectives : Students will construct a picture of fish or other sea life using Elmer’s glue.

Students will use a watercolor was to represent the ocean.

Procedure :

During a unit on oceans the teacher will talk about the colors of the ocean and why the bottom is darker. Students will then draw pictures of fish, jelly fish, or other sea life with Elmer’s glue. The pictures need to filled-in with the glue, not just outlined.

*Note: it may be easier to draw the picture first with a pencil and then fill it in with glue.

The glue pictures need to dry overnight. They need to dry thoroughly — there should be no white sections.

After the glue has dried students wash the picture using blue watercolor. They should try to make the bottom of the page darker than the top to represent the depth of the ocean.

Evaluation : Did the students’ wash technique work?

Enrichment Activities : Students can use the same technique to create other pictures — the rainforest, etc.

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