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Here’s an interesting idea for creating Fish Paintings (and studying Fish)


Art, Science  


PreK, K  


Title – Let’s Go Fishing
By – Earlene Bogart
Subject – Art, Science
Grade Level – PreK-K
Start circle time by putting on a fishing-vest and fishing hat with lures on it. Read them the book THE RAINBOW FISH. Ask how many of them have been fishing and where did they go. Using a piece of butcher paper approximately 6ft long or more, let children paint with different shades of blue to create a place for fish to live.
The night before this activity, go to your local store or go fishing yourself for a REAL fish. Wrap it in foil then in an old towel and freeze it. Take with you to class the next day-it will take awhile to thaw.
After children have painted the paper, have them try to guess what is wrapped in the towel. Let them feel it-then take the towel off, let them feel again. Then take off the foil–WOW!!
Their eyes really light up. You can let them touch the fish but remember to have them wash their hands afterwards. When they have had a chance to explore it, let them paint the fish. Usually a few at a time-then let each child make a fish rubbing on paper. Let dry and cut out a fish shape from their print. Display these on their large ocean painted previously.

Another activity, mix up clear gelatin and put in a fish mold. Let children use eyedroppers with different food coloring to insert in gelatin to make a rainbow fish. (Use 1 large mold or make individual ones.)

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