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This idea involves using dried Leaves to make glitter art


Art, Science  


2, 3  

Title – Leave Glitter

By – Debbie Haren

Primary Subject – Art

Secondary Subjects – Science

Grade Level – 2-3






Have children collect different colors of leaves and put them in separate baggies according to their colors. For example all orange leaves together and all red leaves together. After letting them dry for a couple of days take them out of the baggies and let the kids crumble them up into very small pieces like glitter. Keep all the colors in different piles. I would suggest crumbling the leaves on newspaper to keep it from getting too messy. Let the students draw a picture of an outdoor scene. Like a park or a house in the country or a farm with horses and then use the leaves to glue onto the picture. It will make a striking picture of a fall scene. A picture of a covered bridge or a waterfall would also look beautiful!!


Talk about how some people recycle leaves, using them for mulch. Take a minute and do a science lesson on the parts of a leaf. Look at the leaves under a microscope. Look at them when the kids first pick them and then after several days under the microscope and have them write about the difference in what they look like under the microscope.


Debbie Haren


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