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This idea involves creating “Penguin light bulbs”


Art, Science  


3, 4, 5  


Title – Penguin Light Bulb
By – Louella Nygaard
Subject – Science, Art
Grade Level – 3 – 5

This lesson uses an interdisciplinary approach. After completing research on penguins, reading a fiction book, doing science lessons (mammals), locating (geography), etc., the students are ready for an extension using burned out light bulbs to create their own work of ART penguins. The students first clean the bulb with soap and water and dry the bulb completely. They then hot glue any base to the widest part of the bulb so it will stand on its own. (I like to use old metal juice lids or the plastic ring left over from the tape dispenser.) I like to use masking tape to cover the ridges of the neck of the bulb. The next step is to use acrylic paint to paint the belly white and the rest of the bulb black. Let dry. (We use a polymer clay in our class that is already colored, but any clay will work.) The students take the clay and make feet, beaks, wings, etc. to produce their own unique bulb penguin. A spray of light varnish MAY be applied. We display our little guys on a table with the rookery materials for all to see when passing in the hallways. This is a GREAT recycling project.

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