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Here is a “Baggie Butterfly” art project to complement an insect unit


Art, Science  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Baggie Butterfly
By – F. Brockman
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subject – Science
Grade Level – K-2


    Here is an art project to go with an insect unit.


  • sandwich-sized bags – use ones that zip closes (not the fold-under ones)
  • colored tissue paper
  • pipe cleaners

Anticipatory Set:

      Following a lesson on butterflies, reading

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    , or a study of insects, students create a butterfly to use in retelling the story or facts they have learned.


  • Students tear a variety of colored tissue paper into small pieces (approximately 1-inch squares) until they have filled the Baggie with these torn tissue pieces.
  • Zip or close sandwich bag squeezing out the air.
  • Next, fold pipe cleaner in half around the middle of the bag.
  • Fan out sides of bag to make the butterfly wings.
  • The remaining pipe cleaner serves as the antennae – just curl ends for that effect.


  • Students can use a variety of items to fill the baggie such as colored cereal, colored candy pieces like Lifesavers or M&M;’s.
  • After using the butterfly as a story prop, students can enjoy a little snack! Yummy!

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