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Students use their sense of touch while making these textured collages


Art, Science  


PreK, K  

Title – Textured Collages
By – Holley Hughes
Primary Subject – Art (collage)
Secondary Subjects – Science (sense of touch)
Grade Level – PreK-K
Group Size – 4

1. Students will be able to respect and care for classroom environment and materials.
2. Students will be able to control small hand muscles.
3. Students will be able to coordinate eye-hand movement.
4. Students will observe objects with curiosity.
5. Students will classify various objects.

1. Large construction paper in a variety of colors
2. Glue
3. Styrofoam bowls (small)
4. Popsicle sticks
5. Variety of differently textured items cut up in to approx. 1″ pieces (sand paper, tissue paper, homemade paper, etc.)

1. Before lesson begins, place glue in several Styrofoam bowls.
2. Have students feel all the different textures presented in front of them. Talk about how they feel.
3. Tell them they are going to make a collage. Explain what a collage is (a variety of items placed in no particular order)
4. Let them feel around the materials and place them how they wish. They can use their popsicle sticks to spread glue around.

1. How do these material feel? (hard, soft, smooth, rough, etc.)
2. Where might you find some of these materials? (tissue paper in a gift)

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