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Students make puppets of their favorite Artists and look at art’s importance in society in this lesson


Art, Social Studies  


7, 8, 9, 10  

Title – Artist Puppet Lesson
By – Stephanie Slatner
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 7-10

Concept: Learning more about artists can give you a glimpse of art’s importance in society.

National Content Standard: 4a. Students know and compare the characteristics of artworks in various eras and cultures.


Affective Objective -The student will find an interest in a particular artist and want to learn more about that person. Students will work in groups on a project.
Cognitive Objective – The student will be able to display knowledge of the life of a particular artist.
Psychomotor Objective – The student will be able to manipulate papier mache and will create a puppet that resembles a particular artist.

Day One
First we will talk about puppetry and the goals of this lesson. We will go over the rubric together and the information sheet that they will be required to fill by the end of class today. I will explain where this information will be used and what our plans are for the next two weeks.

We will go to the library and use computer resources there to find information on a particular artist that each student chooses from the list provided.

Day Two
We will start working on our puppet’s head construction and start with a ball of newspaper and tape. We will try to get at least 4 layers done this class period. They will also partner up and start to write a dialogue that will be used in their interview that incorporates the information they collected during the last period.

Day Three
We will keep working on the layers of our puppet’s head construction and our dialogue for the interview should be finished today. We can also work on a miniature example of the artist’s work that was sketched on the first day. This will be for our puppet to hold or show during their interview.

Day Four
Today we will start to form our puppets head into facial features and finish up the papier mache on the head and neck. We will also continue to work on the dialogue and the miniature artwork. If these are completed, they can start on their clothing after a sketch has been approved by me.

Day Five
Students will paint the head and all the facial features onto their puppets and they will add hair. The clothes should be finished today also.

Day Six
The heads will be attached to the clothing to complete the puppet and the miniature artwork will be attached. We can start work on the backdrops in our groups for the videotaping of the interviews during the next class period.

Day Seven
Students will videotape their puppet interviews.

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