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A lesson on creating Kente cloths


Art, Social Studies  


K, 1  


Title – Kente Colors
By – Mollie Tucker
Subject – Social Studies, Art
Grade Level – K-1

Topic: African-American Culture

Long Range Objective:
The student will be able to create an original pattern.

Instructional Objective:
The student will complete a given pattern.
The student will create a pattern on their Kente cloth vest.

Ask children what a pattern is. Play Hand Jive song and have the children repeat the patterns they hear.

paper bags to make Kente vests markers to color pattern onto Kente vest Hand Jive for repeating patterns heard in the song incomplete patterns (visual) for children to complete

Read Kente Colors. Have children recall some of the colors from the story. What was their favorite color?

Supervised Practice:
Have children finish patterns that have already been created for them.

Show the children a piece of Kente cloth. Ask them to pick out the pattern on the cloth.

Listen to the children as they complete patterns during supervised practice and closure.
Can they name the next color in the pattern? Observe the children as they decorate their Kente cloth. Do they correctly form a pattern on their Kente cloth?

Independent Practice:
Have children decorate their Kente cloth using patterns.

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