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Pakistani Handicrafts Unit – Clay Seals


Art, Social Studies  


2, 3, 4  

Title – Pakistani Handicrafts Unit – Clay Seals
By – Rukhe Neelofer Zaidi
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 2-4

The Handicrafts of Pakistan Unit

Activity 3: Seals



Cross Curricular Link:

    Social Studies – Ancient History


    60 to 80 minutes


  • White A4 papers
  • Modeling clay
  • Water containers (one for each pair)
  • Pencils
  • Scales (rulers)
  • Reference pictures of Mohenjodaro and Mesopotamian seals (Google Image Searches: “Mohenjodaro Seals.” Mesopotamian Seal.” and “Indus Valley Seals”

Learning Outcomes:

    To enable students to:

    • Learn about Mohenjodaro and Mesopotamian seals
    • Make seals with clay


  • relief
  • seal
  • trademarks


  • Show students some pictures of seals and tell them that these objects were discovered from Indus Valley and Mesopotamia. 
  • Tell them that seals were made by carving soft stone and later by baking the carvings in fire. The seals were probably used as trademarks or logos (like school badges or Superman/Batman signs). The designs were either in relief or carved in.
  • Distribute A4 papers (1 for each student). Ask them to make six (2 x 2 inches) boxes and make different designs in each box. Encourage them to make a simple and bold design.
  • While monitoring the class, help students to select a final design.
  • Cut the selected box.
  • Distribute clay to each student.
  • Tell them to make a slab of clay (approximately 2 inch by 2 inch square and ½ inch thick). Place the design on the slab to trace it by marking the design with the tip of the pencil, pressing it lightly. Ask students to be careful not to press it hard.
  • Remove the paper and tell the students to add clay on the design/script to raise it above the seal surface.
  • Leave to dry.

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