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Introduction to Pakistan’s Handicrafts


Art, Social Studies  


2, 3, 4  

Title – Pakistani Handicrafts Unit – Introduction
By – Rukhe Neelofer Zaidi
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 2-4

Pakistan’s Handicrafts:

      In Pakistan, handicrafts are rich and diverse. Every city/village has its own handicraft specialty ranging from fabric, material and embroidery to jewelry, carving, mirror work and other handicraft items. Each color, style, design and motif carries with it a unique symbol portraying the culture of that particular area and builds on people’s indigenous skills.
      Handicrafts of Pakistan are famous for their uniqueness, assortment and quality standards and therefore have established a market within and outside the country. In more recent history, crafts in Pakistan were influenced by the arrival of Islam. They accentuate designs and styles dating from 5000 B.C.
    There are about eighty different kinds of handicrafts produced in Pakistan, the main ones are: leather goods, brass, copperware and tableware, onyx and marble products, wood crafts, textile and block printing fabrics, embroideries, glass beads, traditional and contemporary jewelry, camel and snake skin products, pottery, hand-knotted carpets and rugs, shell and bone products, costume dolls, etc.

The Handicrafts of Pakistan Unit

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