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This lesson plan is on Picasso and involves creating Picasso-Style Art


Art, Social Studies  


3, 4, 5  


Title – Picasso’s Faces
By – Jennifer Dalke
Subject – Art, Social Studies
Grade Level – 3-5

Learning Standards:
25.A.2d, 25.B.2, 26.A.2f, 26.B.2d, 27.B.2

Integrated Subjects:

Instructional Goals:
* Students will learn about Pablo Picasso: getting to know him by reading stories about him and looking at his works
* Students, by reviewing Picasso’s style, will produce their own Picasso-style picture

* Books/stories about Picasso
* Books containing his various works
* Large pieces of construction paper
* Markers
* Crayons

Anticipatory Set:
1. The teacher will show one of Picasso’s famous paintings and ask the students what they think about it. The teacher should be sure to point out the colors that are used and the elementary approach to making faces.
2. Next, the teacher will introduce students to Pablo Picasso by reading stories about him and showing his works.
3. The teacher will ask the students to brainstorm all the different kinds of faces that one could make (i.e. clown, alien, person, animal, etc.) The teacher will tell the students that they will have the chance to make their very own Picasso-inspired picture.

1. Each child should pick up two pieces of construction paper to make two very different faces on (one face per page). The teacher will pass out markers and crayons for the children to color them with.
2. After about 15 minutes, when the faces are complete, the teacher will pass out one more large piece of paper to each student. The students will, then, be instructed to cut out the pieces and parts of the two different faces that they had created and to glue then down to make a new Picasso face. The children should be encouraged to mix and match, and then add any details they wanted- As long as they are creative and silly!!

Teacher’s Role:
The teacher’s role is to introduce the children to the person Pablo Picasso, as well as the art style Pablo Picasso. The teacher needs to encourage the students to appreciate all kinds of art, and to find beauty in everything.

Creative Question Suggestions:
1. What style does he use? Why do you think he uses the colors he does?
2. How could he rearrange the faces to look interesting or silly?
3. Do you see any sort of pattern that he seems to use in his paintings?
4. Why do you think Picasso chose to represent his figures in this manner?

* There shouldn’t be too many problems with this activity. The teacher should just encourage creativity and let the children enjoy the results!

1. This is designed to be a fun activity that introduces children to a style of art with which they probably are not too familiar. There should be no structured form of evaluation, just observe the children and be sure that they are creative as possible.

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