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Coconut turkeys are the “centerpiece” of this Thanksgiving Idea


Art, Social Studies  


3, 4, 5  


By – Lorene Bariso
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 3-5

This lesson plan involves coconuts. So if you do not have any available then this is not for you! This is an activity my second grade teacher did with us in 1962 and has remained dear to me. My student’s love it.

      Take one coconut
      Make master cutouts of turkey heads and feathers, all according to standard size for an average size coconut.
      Have students use master cutouts to trace their own and cut, or if time is an issue (which is often the case these days) you can cut these out yourself.
      You will need at least 6 feathers per coconut. One for each wing and four for the tail.


      Staple to back and to side.
      Cut a small line into the neck of the turkey head so you can pull it apart and staple each side. This ensures that the face faces forward!
      These days we must account for art activities done during subject area times, so now I have them write things that they are thankful for on each feather before I attach the feather to the coconut.
      They are adorable and memorable centerpieces to carry home for the holiday.



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