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Here’s a timely Thanksgiving Turkey Art project


Art, Social Studies  




Title – Thanksgiving Turkey Art Project
By – Scott Dan
Subject – Art, Social Studies
Grade Level – 2nd

Art Project: Turkey, potato style.
1. As a class, write down everything they believe they would see on a turkey if one came marching in the door right now.
2. Take potato and wash it off.
3. Make turkey feathers from various colors of construction paper. Have children trace around two of their fingers, making the top of the fingers rounded. Cut them out.
4. Stick feathers into turkey. Use toothpicks. Break toothpick in half. Lightly tap the broken end of toothpick on table to dull it. Stick the pointed end of the toothpick into the feather and turkey. Layer the feathers for a more full look.
5. Use toothpicks to create the legs of the turkey.
6. Supply the children with several other misc. art supplies. Allow the children to create the rest of the turkey any way they see fit.

Language Art Extensions:

Day One:

1. Read a book about turkey and Thanksgiving Day.
1. Ask what the children expect to do on Thanksgiving Day.
2. Ask who makes the turkey in their house.
3. Ask if they know how they make it. What would happen if they were asked to make a turkey, would they be up to the challenge?
4. Ask if they know what the word sequence means. Write this word on the board. Ask for some examples of sequencing.
5. Ask them to work in small groups and to come up with all the steps that they would have to take in order to make a turkey. Give them writing paper and have them write these down. Allow them 20 minutes to do this. Collect the papers and explain that we will continue on this tomorrow.

Day Two:

1. Pass back the papers that the groups wrote.
2. Ask the children what the first step to making a turkey is. After an answer is given, ask if anyone has a different answer. Have the children vote on which one they believe comes first.
3. Continue finishing all of the steps the same way as stated in number two.
4. Assign each child one of the steps and have them write it down neatly on a strip of paper that you will provide for them.
5. Use these papers for the bulletin board display.

Language Art Project Two:

1. Write the word Thanksgiving on the board.
2. Ask the children why they believe Thanksgiving is called “Thanksgiving.”
3. Ask the children to think about what they are grateful for this Thanksgiving.
4. Have them write about what they are thankful for. Also have the children create a picture that explains what they wrote. Staple these two together, having the picture on top.
5. These will be used in the creation of the bulletin board display.

Bulletin Board Display:

1. A large cutout of a cooked turkey will be provided for the children to color. This will then be posted outside of the door. The children’s steps on “How to Prepare a Turkey for Thanksgiving Day” will be posted around the picture. Finally, the children will place their pictures of what they are thankful for along the bottom of the display.

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