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Here’s an idea for making a Turkey hand puppet from a plastic glove




PreK, K  

Title – Turkey Hand puppet
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Pre K-K
long strips of colored streamers
clear gloves
popcorn that is popped

The glove is going to be the Turkey. Take the pieces of colored streamers and roll them up and stuff them in each finger section of the glove. Putting a red one in the thumb makes it look like the face of the turkey. Eyes and nose and smile could be added with a marker. Then use the popped popcorn to stuff the palm of the glove. This will be the tummy of the turkey. You could also use carmel popcorn if desired. Then use the string to tie the bottem of the glove closed. Then of course any extra popcorn should be eaten by the little people!

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