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This is a simple Valentine’s Day card holder project




PreK, K  

Title – Valentines Holder
By – Tonya
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – Preschool-Kindergarten
Title: Valentine Card Holder

This project helps the children to practice small motor skills along with creative skills through a simple and cheap process.


      Large (long) colored construction paper

      Hole puncher

      Yarn or other type of string

      Stickers (Valentine)

    Crayons, markers, or colored dobbers(Bingo)


1. Take the long construction paper and fold in half.
2. Punch about five to six holes approximately one inch from the side edges
3. Give the child two pieces of yarn or string long enough to be weaved through the sides and tie at the ends.
4. Set out stickers, crayons, markers, and dobbers and allow the child to decorate.

Now they have their own personal card holder

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