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This idea is for making people out of Valentine Hearts




K, 1  


Title – heart men/women
By – Annette Sigstad
Subject – Art, Valentine’s Day
Grade Level – k-1
one large heart
one medium heart
ten small hearts
five tiny hearts (it is best if you use a different color for these)
Cut out large heart, this is the body. Add the medium one for the head. Use two small hearts for each arm and three for each leg. Then use the tiny hearts for the eyes and buttons. I use red construction paper for the man and pink for the eyes and buttons. For the woman I use pink construction paper with red paper for the eyes and buttons. After this is all glued together I let the children decorate them with markers. Let the children get as creative as they want to. They sometimes add jewelry, clothes, beads, hair, shoes, etc. Have fun with this lesson.

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