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Students make Paper Flowers that Smell in this Valentine or Mother’s Day Idea





Title – Making Flowers That Smell From Paper
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 2
construction paper
small cupcake paper holders
green construction paper
a cheap bottle of perfume

Have each child pick out a background color of construction paper for their flower art. Let each child also pick out the color of their flower. Cut out the petals to go around the cupcake paper and cut them out to look like petals of any type of flower. After the petals have been cut out then make a green stem and leaves in green for the bottom of the flower. Let each student glue on their stem and leaves and then put the cupcake paper in the middle of the flower and let the students glue on the petals of the flower around the cupcake paper. If possible have a few different types of perfume for the children to pick from and spray a tiny bit in the middle of the cupcake paper. This will make the flower smell and it makes a beautiful Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Daypresent. You could even write something on the bottom of the picture that says I will love you forever Mommy (or Happy Valentine’s Day). From:_________.

Children can learn the parts of a flower (stem, leaves, stamen, etc.). They can realize that different flowers have different smells. They can talk about the colors of the flowers they made. They can talk about mothers day and all the wonderful things their mothers do for them!

Wrap up the flowers for the children to give their mothers for Mother’s Day (or Valentine’s Day). Also find a poem about flowers and glue it on to every child’s picture. Some examples might be something from a nature magazine or a poem from a nature writer. Discuss with children how important flowers are and how bees use nectar from flowers to make honey.

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