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What is the sound of one hand clapping?  How about one hand blogging?  Being reduced to using only one hand due to a broken left wrist I have been unable to adequately submit blogs and articles — for which I sincerely apologize. In mid-November I fell from a ladder and two days later my left arm was wrapped in a cast which is still on.  Going through the holidays with a cast on was less than fun. Ordinary, everyday tasks take three times as long to do, and turn out half as well.  Wrapping presents and decorating for the holiday took even longer.  My Thanksgiving was planned long before my fall so I still hosted a dinner for eleven people, though we ate from disposable plates, and my neighbor hauled all other dishes, utensils, platters and pans to her house so that she could wash them in her dishwasher — an appliance that I unfortunately lack.

Thankfully these past two weeks have offered a hiatus from teaching visual arts — a challenging task with one hand. Just trying to open a tube of semi dried acrylic paint with one hand has proved impossible.  Ditto trying to cut anything accurately (with scissors or a paper cutter) and completely forget about trying to stay clean.  The students were helpful and sympathetic and very patient with me during my handicapped weeks in class.  And although it was comforting to know that the same students we often perceive as “helpless” can be relied upon in a time of need, I will be glad to be rid of this cumbersome cast and return to business as usual in the classroom next week.  

Thanks for understanding my absence from the site. Though I am still writing one-handedly, I am looking forward to returning to my weekly posts very shortly. Wishing all of you a wonderful 2011!

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