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Colonization of Mars

Welcome to my second thematic unit publication on the Internet. My first unit, The Colonization of Mars, can be viewed by using the provided link. My name is Alexis Johnson-Jimenez. It is for the love of fiction (and the making of history less boring for children) that I have constructed this thematic unit on Benjamin Franklin’s life as told from the viewpoint of his dear friend, Amos the mouse. In the following pages you will find my project in its entirety. I must warn you that it is quite long. Although I had a specific set of students in mind when this was designed, I hope that I have made it flexible enough to meet the needs of any student population.


Use the menu on the left to navigate through the pages of this unit.

Feel free to copy, print, and modify this unit to meet your needs. All I ask is that you e-mail me with questions and comments on improvements that I can make.

PLEASE NOTE: This unit is a modified version of Linda Scott of the San Diego County Office of Education’s unit. I reviewed her unit and modified it to meet the needs of the children I had in mind. All credit for the initial ideas are given to Linda Scott when applicable. 

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