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Best Friends

By Ali Weinel

At My Middle School There Are Two Teachers Who Are Best Friends And Are The Best Teachers!

They have taught next to each other forever. They are my favorite teachers and I was heart broken when I left seventh grade to go to eighth grade. They taught you not only their subject, but they also taught you about life. When you thought that you were so tired, Mrs. Zammar would wake you up and start to break into a song. I was so lucky to be able to have her at the beginning of the school day. Her subject was Language Arts and having Fun!

The other teacher, Mrs. Buatte, was awesome! She always incorporated us into History, She felt that’s the only way to learn and to some it was. Everybody WANTED to pay attention in her class, they didn’t want to miss a thing. You were very lucky to have either one of them 1st hour because the curtain that separated the classrooms was opened, so you could hear them making fun of each other. They were best friends who loved each other and we were their students who loved them.

Every other year they went together to Washington, D.C. for the school trip. Anybody could sign up and most people did. I was one of the lucky people who got to go on the amazing trip with the most amazing teachers. We had a blast every day and they told us that we were the best class that ever went on the trip. I am now in eighth grade and they are doing a New York City Trip. When Mrs. Zammar told me about this at the beginning of the school year, she told me that she wanted me to go! Of course I would go! The trip was in June and will be in June again.

After the D.C trip, I made a scrap book with my pictures. I brought my scrap book to show them and they are now going to copy it and make a Power Point out of it.

They Are The Best!

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