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BragVest and other iPhone/iPad apps for Scouting

My son and I are brand-new to Cub Scouts this year.  He just earned his Bobcat rank and is happily working his way toward Tiger.  We started a new Pack at the school where my son attends, and I am the Pack Committee Chair.  There is no way I could keep track of all the requirements and when each boy achieves them without the BragVest app I downloaded for my iPad.

  Screen shot of BragVest appI’m a very busy Mom, and I teach technology to almost 400 students each week.  Taking on Cub Scouts was a huge responsibility.  I like that I can use my very convenient iPad to keep track of the boys and their progress.  This is actually an iPhone app, but you can run it in 2x mode on the iPad and it looks and works great.  I chose to pay for the Pro version; I believe the difference between that and the free version is the presence of electives for all ranks of Cub Scouts.

Screen shot of BragVest appSo far, I have entered eight Tiger Cubs into the program, and I can switch between boys and record the dates they completed each requirement or elective.  I am very pleased that I can continue to track the boys as they become Wolves, Bears, and Webelos, all in the same program.  This, for me, is faster than writing the information down.  We still keep a written record, but the electronic version on the iPad is very handy for me.  What I also really like is that the app has a brief description of each activity, so I was able to, for example, just work from the iPad as I checked each boy’s knowledge of the three requirements for getting the initial emblem for the Tiger instant recognition kit.  As each boy responded to my questions, I just had to click on Yes and it was already set to that day’s date, so the achievement was recorded.

Screen shot of BragVest appA quick search of the App Store reveals a number of apps for Boy Scouts.  One app, designed specifically for the iPad, is Troop Badges Premier Edition.  It enables you to keep track of all Merit Badges, Rank Advancement, and other Scouting awards.  It even includes the new Inventing, Scouting Heritage, and Geocaching badges.  The Boy Scout Handbook is available as an eBook for iPhone or iPad.  A few other Boy Scouts apps I noticed were ScoutTrail, MyBadges, and a Knot Guide.  Among the eBooks are also some historical books from Scouting’s past.

If you’re tech-minded like me, and always have a gadget handy, you may want to browse the App Store for tools that can help you (or your Boy Scout) keep track of progress in Scouting.

All images are screen shots taken by the author.

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