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Bravo Capitol One!

I opened my Capitol One credit card statement this month and there he was – Alec Baldwin. Baldwin is the celebrity spokesperson for Americans for the Arts and he is working with Capitol One to increase funding for arts programs across the country. His picture was on an insert in the credit card statement which provided information on how to donate hassle free at the Capitol One No Hassle Giving Site.

Anyone with a Capitol One debit or credit card can donate at the site and Capitol One will cover all transaction fees so that one hundred percent of the donation reaches the charity of your choice. Capitol One will also match donations made to Americans for the Arts up to $50,000.

After years of bad press, suspicious practices and questionable motives it is nice to see that a credit card company can do the right thing. I have no doubts that Mr. Baldwin has used his celebrity status to influence these decisions but regardless of how they arrived at agreeing to match donations and assist donors, Capitol One is coming through for the arts. If you have a Capitol One credit card you can make a donation by going to Capitol One has opened the door, it is now up to the other major credit card companies and banks to follow suit or design creative ways that consumers can contribute to charities just by using their credit cards- maybe donating a percentage of the interest rate to a charity of choice?  What it a percentage of every payment went to charity? Thank you Capitol One (and Alec) for leading the way. Let’s hope that others follow this marvelous lead. 

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