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Bring The Meaning Of Veteran’s Day To Young Students With Active Lessons





young girl with hand over heart in front of american flagEvery November, one holiday goes mostly unnoticed in many school districts’ celebrations and activities: Veterans Day. This holiday celebrates the soldiers who have fought for their country through many wars and provides an opportunity thank them for their service.

To honor soldiers and teach students the meaning of Veterans Day on November eleventh, educators can plan guest speakers, field trips, assemblies and classroom activities to engage students and educate them about an important day. These activities should focus on teaching students several of the following lessons:

  • How soldiers shaped the history of the country
  • The different military branches of the United States
  • When and why Veterans Day was created
  • What soldiers do in the military and how they are trained
  • The types of wars U.S. soldiers have fought
  • Issues faced by veterans when they return from war

Teachers should decide which activities will work best for their particular classroom and age group. Here are some ideas to help students understand the experience of veterans in the United States and come up with creative ways to honor soldiers on Veterans Day.

Veterans Day Assemblies and Field Trips

Schedule a school assembly to gather students together for special presentations or guest speakers. Educators can invite speakers from student’s families and local VA chapters, halls or hospitals. Along with the personal stories speakers share, educators can show movies or documentaries about soldiers’ important role in making the The United States what it is today. Always keep in mind that films should be age-appropriate for students.

Educators can also plan field trips to local community events and reenactments that honor Veterans Day. Attend flag-raising ceremonies, musical concerts, parades, or events that commemorate U.S. military history. Engage students in these events by having them interview a veteran and retell their story or write an imagined first-person account of the time period they’ve learned about.

Veterans Day Crafts and Classroom Activities

Get young students active with crafts that they can make to honor the special holiday. Lesson Pathways Blog suggests creating United States flags by cutting out white fabric stripes, a blue fabric square and white fabric stars that can be glued to a red background piece. Glue or tie the fabric to a wooden rod and let students wave their flags during the assembly. Students can also create emblems of the military branches with watercolor paints, or military hats from construction paper for different historical periods.

Students can create posters about what they believe is most important about Veterans Day, and prizes can be given out for those that best capture the essence of Veterans Day. The posters can be placed on the classroom walls as a gallery; educators can invite family members who are a part of the service to see the artwork.

Obtain more activity ideas by visiting the Lesson Plans Page. Find Veterans Day lessons plans and other resources for students.

Students Can Celebrate Veterans Day While Learning To Honor Soldiers

Experiment with different activities to get students involved with Veterans Day celebrations. With great lesson plans, programs, and speaker events, students will want to honor soldiers who have fought for their country.

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