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Can Tolerance Be Taught?


Social Studies  


9, 10, 11, 12  

This lesson plan consists of two modules –

Level: Upper Intermediate/Advanced

Skills objectives:

  • to improve speaking skills by using video as a basis for discussion
  • to practice both oral and aural skills through the exploitation and exploration of video

Video: NCIS, the fifth season, Disc 2 “Designated Target”

Values: assimilation (immigration issues), patriotism, honesty, justice, friendship, tolerance

Time needed: 90 minutes (approx)


  • Show tolerance and compassion for the immigrants (underdogs)
  • Appreciate differences
  • Recognize how the words can hurt (heal)
  • Distinguish the main facts from opinions
  • Encourage Ss to think about the values which are the most important for them
  • Take notes for specific (thematic) vocabulary
  • Learn slang and situational language
  • Practice common collocations
  • Practice listening strategies for answering questions
  • Learn and practice contracted forms and ellipsis (peculiarity of conversational usage)
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Teaching Tolerance  [DOWNLOAD]