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Computers & Internet  


10, 11, 12  

CareerVillage has created lesson plans that accompany it’s platform. In this lesson, discuss a few career fields and brainstorm jobs within those fields with students (grade 9-12). Introduce CareerVillage and have students start asking questions!

This lesson plan includes a PPT and worksheet. Educators must create a *free* CareerVillage account prior to using this lesson plan in class so that students can create their *free* accounts with a school-specific invite code.

To learn more about CareerVillage visit:


Powerpoint: CareerVillage_IntroPPT_TPT

Worksheet: CareerVillage_Worksheet_ME

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CareerVillage_Worksheet_ME  [DOWNLOAD], CareerVillage_IntroPPT_TPT  [DOWNLOAD]