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Celebrating Passion

Valentine ‘s Day.  You either love it or dread it. 

If you are fortunate enough to be part of a twosome you are probably enjoying all the pleasantries of love and romance.  If not, you may be trying to ignore the barrage of romantic comedies playing on every television channel, or the sudden flower vendors on every street corner.  But Valentine ‘s Day need not be a day just for couples. It is, after all, a day to celebrate love and passion, so what better day to embrace the passion in your heart that is still smoldering for unrealized or semi-realized dreams?  In our youth we fill our souls with dreams of things that we would like to accomplish one day; places we wish to visit; goals we hope to reach. With each passing year we realize that fewer and fewer of those dreams may ever be realized. Spending an entire summer painting in Tuscany may never come to pass; the perfect little cottage on the beach might never be yours.  Bigger dreams, like spouses and family may look different from what we imagined or may not exist at all.  Still, we find it hard to extinguish those heartfelt desires.  Our hearts are enormous warehouses and we store decades of dreams, hopes and desires.  The demands of everyday life too often divert our attention away from following our real passions, but we can use Valentine ‘s Day as a day to revisit our heart ‘s desires. What dreams can we dust off and put into action now?  What passions can we follow?  What are we putting off for someday while we let today slip by?  Tango lessons?  Learning an instrument?  Oil painting?  Writing? Boat building? How can we remind others to follow their passion as well?  While you are celebrating Valentine ‘s Day with your sweetheart, don ‘t forget to celebrate your own heart filled with a lifetime of dreams and passions and hopes.  Give yourself a Valentine ‘s Day gift of following your passion and authentically living your heart ‘s desire.

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