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Christmas Angel

Title – Christmas Angel

By – Susan Smith

I teach a Special Education class of six students. It is a separate class of behavioral disorders, bright children but troubled. This year after struggling to get through the first half of the year I came close to leaving. I wasn’t feeling that I was getting through to the children and the parents showed no support of me. Johnny is a very smart boy who is does not listen ever and is spending his second year in my K-2 classroom. I have suspected that he is being abused but the evidence is circumstantial. After 3 months of constant struggles with him I was ready to send him away for vacation and enjoy my time off. Before he left he gave me a used coffee mug as a gift with an angel on the front. I asked him why he chose an angel. He put his hand on my shoulder and simply said, Miss Smith, you are my angel and I love you. All this time I thought that I was not getting through to him, but deep down I learned that I was his only stability. This one statement made the struggles worth all the hassle of the year.


Susan Smith

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