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This idea uses Drawing 4 Children software to draw shape people


Art, Computers & Internet  




Title – Shapes Person using Drawing 4 Children
By – Beth Shoesmith
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – PreK

  1. Open Drawing 4 Children. (Drawing 4 Children is a free download) This lesson could be adapted for Kid Pix. Show where the shapes icon is and then talk about squares, circles, rectangles, hearts, stars, triangles and diamonds. Be sure to show how to click on the ” hands ” to find more shapes and show them how to change colors by clicking on the color toolbar.
  2. Start with a red triangle for the girl body and a red square for the boy body..
  3. Add a blue circle for the head.
  4. Use white stars for the two eyes.
  5. Find the bead tool located under the pencil cup. Choose white to make the mouth.
  6. Use a diamond for the nose.
  7. Choose the rectangle tool to make the brown arms, legs, and feet.
  8. Use yellow squares for the hands for the girls and yellow triangles for the boys.
  9. Make the heart pink or purple.

This lesson uses eye hand coordination, mouse control and the correct computer terms for icons, mouse and toolbar. It also uses the shapes of circles, squares, rectangles, stars, and diamonds. The colors red, blue, yellow, brown, white and pink, or purple are introduced. Basic parts of the body are talked about.

I explain that the cursor is the nose of the mouse. You put your mouse nose on the icon and click his ear to move around.

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