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“Electronic Pizza” is a computer and art program that uses MS Paint


Art, Computers & Internet  


5, 6  

Title – Electronic Pizza
By – Patrick Slivka
Subject – Computers & Internet, Art
Grade Level – 5-6

Children will use the paint program in Windows 95 or 98 to create a drawing of a pizza. Then they will use copy and paste to add different ingredients to their pizza. The children start with a basic shape for the pizza. Then they fill in with a color that reminds them of the pizza crust. We add the sauce using the airbrush tool with the widest spray. Next, we use the thicker paintbrush to add pieces of green pepper. We make one piece of pepperoni and use the copy and paste technique to add more pepperoni to it. You can do the same for mushrooms. Finally, the children use the airbrush technique to add melted cheese as the final topping.

You can follow this up the next day by teaching them how to cut and paste slices of their pizzas. After that, you can have them copy and paste a certain number of slices to a word processing document after they compose ten sentences about pizza in general.

This lesson takes anywhere from 2 to 3 days depending on the skill level of your students.

Students are graded on how well they can copy and paste slices to their page with sentences.

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