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Students learn a paint brush program to create their own caricatures here


Art, Computers & Internet  


3, 4  

Title – Caricatures
By – Lorraine Humes
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 3-4


      1. The student will be able to draw a picture or caricature using the paint brush program.

      2. The student will be able to demonstrate ability to save a document on a floppy disk.

      3. The student will be able to open a document from a floppy disk and print it.

Materials: Paintbrush program, floppy disks, bulletin board, charts with steps for opening Paintbrush.

Introduction: Display my caricature on a bulletin board. Let the students know that each of their caricatures will be displayed on the bulletin board. Explain that a caricature is a look-a-like picture of one’s self in a cartoon form. (Explain cartoons and gives examples if necessary).

Transition: Today we are going to pretend to be an artist and draw our very own caricature.

Sequence of Activities:

      1. On a chart explain the different steps to open the paint brush program. Ask for feedback to make sure the students understand what you are talking about.

      2. Assign a computer to each of the students.

      3. Instruct students to open the paintbrush program using the steps on the chart. Clicking on start icon then going to accessories and then to click on paintbrush.

      4. Give students a brief discussion of the tools (preferably divide the class into groups and show them how to use the different tools). Give them a few minutes to experiment using what they have learned.

      5. Have the students proceed to draw their caricatures on the paint brush program.

      6. Have them go to file and save it to a disk. (Explain this process carefully since a lot of confusion may arise.)

    7. Have the students print out a copy of their work; (instruct in how to print out a document).


      1. Go over the chart with the different steps.

    2. Discuss and have students tell you how to save a document on a disk and how to print it.


      1. Informal evaluation through responses during the activities.

      2. Through the saved document on the floppy disk.

      3. Through the printed document.

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