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This idea uses Internet Sites to help teach Word Processing, Copy, & Paste


Computers & Internet  


3, 4, 5  


Title – Word Processing – Copy, Paste, Footer, etc.
By – Darla Heard (additions by Kyle Yamnitz
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 3, 4, 5
1. Open a word processing document, add a FOOTER, students type in their name.
2. Use your FINDER (Mac) to HIDE this document. (Or go to another window in the taskbar on a PC – Teach Alt-Tab as a shortcut to toggle between windows)
3. Open your browser, go to an interesting page (we used . Students got to choose the endangered animal that they were most interested in.)
4. Copy the text of your chosen page to your clipboard (highlight the text, choose Edit, Copy from the menu or use the shortcut “Ctrl-C” on a PC or Apple-C on a Mac).
5. Using the finder again (or clicking on the different windows in the task bar on a PC), flip back to your word processing document, and PASTE from your clipboard (Edit, Paste from the menu or use the shortcut “Ctrl-V” on the PC or Apple-V on the Mac – not sure on the Mac keys).
6. Manipulate the text by changing fonts, sizes, document margins, and by deleting empty line returns until your three or four page web site page is on one word processing document page.
7. Only after manipulating the document to one page can the students print.

The kids think that they are playing with the internet, learning about endangered animals, etc., but they are also picking up computer skills.. copy, paste, using the finder / windows, inserting footers/headers, manipulating the document margins, fonts, type sizes, etc.

This is my first year, in an elementary school computer lab, and this has been one of my most successful lessons!

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