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Here’s a lesson on creating PowerPointpresentations


Computers & Internet  


11, 12  


Title – Creating a PowerPoint Presentation from Scratch
By – Paul Louth
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 11-12
Concept / Topic To Teach: PowerPoint 2000
Standards Addressed: Technological Devices: Apply basic computer operations and concepts

General Goal(s): To create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch without using the AutoContent Wizard

Specific Objectives:
The student will be able to create a new presentation using the slide layout feature
The student will be able to use the Promote and Demote buttons to adjust text
The student will be able to change the design template and color schemes
The student will be able to print the PowerPoint presentation as a handout

Required Materials:
Software: PowerPoint 2000
Textbook: Office 2000 A Comprehensive Approach Hinkle, Tobias, Stewart, Marple, Fisher-Larson

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):
The teacher will prepare 4 slides to show on an overhead. After showing the four slides the teacher will then create the same 4 slides using PowerPoint. Once this is complete, the teacher will then modify the PowerPoint presentation to show how editing a PowerPoint presentation is completed.

Step-By-Step Procedures:
1. Review the basic concepts regarding PowerPoint: slide, layout, views (normal, outline etc)
2. Review the toolbars and icons needed to complete the assignment; standard, formatting, common tasks, etc.
3. Start PowerPoint and have the students create a blank presentation
4. Using the New Slide dialog box students will select the first highlighted slide.
5. Students will key in Name and Course
6. Students will create a second slide by clicking the New Slide Icon
7. Students will select Auto layout Number 2
8. Students will enter a title of their choice, then add 3 bulleted lines of text to complement the title
9. Students will create a third slide by clicking the New Slide Icon
10. Students will select the Auto layout slide that contains clip art on the left and bulleted text on the right.
11. Students will add an appropriate title, insert a clip art image and bulleted text to complement the image
12. Students will create a fourth slide by clicking the New Slide Icon
13. Students will use the Auto layout slide that contains the Title and Text (slide 2)
14. Students will create a concluding/closing slide of their information. Students are to use the Promote and Demote button with this slide.
15. Students will use the menu bar to add a design template. The design template must be consistent with the information in the slides.
16. The student will save the PowerPoint presentation.
17. The student will print the PowerPoint presentation as a handout set for 6 slides per page. This will be done from File>Print>
18. Students will print 2 copies; one for grading and one for their portfolio

Plan For Independent Practice:
Students will be required to prepare an eight slide presentation for any upcoming school event; athletic event, dance, conference, musical, etc.
Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):

Assessment Based On Objectives:
Assessment is based on an established rubric. The teacher will follow the A,B,C’s of PowerPoint
A = Appropriate topic
B = Busy the student does not put to much information on any one slide
C = Consistent (the student does not change fonts, text color or transitions

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):
For students with learning disabilities, it may be useful to allow the student to work with another student.
Extensions (For Gifted Students):

Possible Connections To Other Subjects:
Knowing how to create a PowerPoint presentation is connection to almost all subjects. This allows the student to create oral presentation on research or position papers from English to History. It is also useful in presenting information in Science courses.

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