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Designing in Microsoft Word


Computers & Internet  


4, 5  

Title – Designing in Microsoft Word
By – Myra Brown
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 4th & 5th grade
Date: 4/18/01


Topic of Lesson:

Microsoft Word Flyer Layout


Students have basic Microsoft Word skill of typing, font and font size changing, and other basic skills such as alignment, indenting, etc.


TSWBAT… (The student will be able to:)

  1. Demonstrate the ability to put a border around text.
  2. Insert Word Art and a Text Box


  • A PC with Microsoft Word software (97).


How many of you like baseball? (this lesson can be adapted to fit any season or occasion)Carry on a brief discussion about baseball with the students.


Today we are going to Design, in Microsoft Word, a Baseball flyer announcing the upcoming baseball game.

Sequence of Activities:

  1. Have the students open a new document in Microsoft Word.
  2. Tell the students to single click on format, then borders and shading, then page border, then have the students select the border option they would like to use for their flyer. If time permits allow the students to explore the different border options
  3. Tell the students to single click on Insert, Picture, Word Art, then have the students choose their desired Word Art bloc, and inter the title of the flyer. For this lesson Baseball game.
  4. Have students then single click on Insert, then Text Box, then direct the students to put the mouse indicator where they would like the text box and single click and drag till the text box is the desired size. Some experimenting may be necessary with this step. Then have the students type in the information announcing the game and design as they desire. They should include the time of game, place where the game is to be, the teams that are playing, and what the fans need to bring.


Have the students print out their completed flyers. Then have the students show their flyers to each other. This allows the students to learn different layout techniques.

Evaluation/Assessment of Students:

The Evaluation/Assessment of the students is … Check each students printed flyer it should have a border, a text box with listed information, and a Word Art bloc.

*If you have advanced students have a printed instruction sheet that gives the directions to inserting clip art, color changing, and inserting of shapes.

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