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Digital Camera


Computers & Internet  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Digital Camera
By – Lesley Fentiman
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – K-2
Digital Camera


This lesson is for young children and the use of the digital camera.

Equipment needed:

  • Blank three and a half inch floppy disksĀ 
  • A Sony Mavica Digital Camera.

Our school has three of these cameras. This type of camera was used as it is easy for children to operate and easy for them to open their pictures on the computer (other cameras will work fine though).

Outcomes (objectives):

Children will be able to:

  • Locate and take a picture of an item in the school playground using a digital camera.
  • Open this picture and print.
  • Add a pencil drawing of themselves to the picture.

(An extension of this would be to have the children insert their picture into a Microsoft Word Document and add text.)


Take the children into the school playground and have them choose an area which they would like to photograph. I actually used the school climbing frame and the children photographed the part of the frame that they liked to play on.

  1. Children in groups of six take turns in using the camera. One to assist and one to take the picture and one to record the area that has been photographed. The other three can be choosing their picture area.
  2. Children are taught to frame the area in the LCD screen and to press the shutter button until the word ” recording” disappears from the screen.
  3. Disks are removed from the camera and them taken to the classroom and printed.
  4. When the children have finished printing then they are to add a drawing of themselves playing in that area.


Children display their pictures and those who are able can add text. The cameras need to be set up first by using the menu and making sure that they are put on to the fine setting and a setting for outdoors.

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