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This is a computer project called “Fun With Hyperstudio”


Computers & Internet  


4, 5, 6  

Title – Fun with Hyperstudio
By – K. Mires
Subject – Computers
Grade Level – 4-6
This lesson is great to show at Open House!

This is not a beginning Hyperstudio project but one to show that your students can create a project using the skills you taught them on their own.

Have the students research something that relates to them. A good idea is to give them a list to choose from so that they won’t to a project that is way off task. A list may include My Family History, My Recent Trip, or make a list involving a lesson you are teaching in class. If possible have the students interview someone else to find out a few facts that they didn’t know a class on how to interview people makes a good side lesson. After compiling all the needed information have the students plan a nonlinear stack (the person going through the stack gets a choice on where he/she wants to go) on a storyboard. Setting a minimum and maximum card limit is a good idea. Have the student show their presentation to the class. If your school doesn’t have any presentation equipment then have the students switch places a couple of times so they can get ideas for future Hyperstudio projects.

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