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In this idea students design a house with a drawing program such as PhotoDeluxe, Paint, etc.


Computers & Internet  


6, 7, 8  

Title – House under construction
By – Velma Allen
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 6-8
This lesson is used to teach the different tools in a drawing program. The student is asked to construct a drawing of a house. The drawing is to be done in a landscape layout. It must contain a house with a roof, chimney, door (with knob and window), and two windows with split panes. The picture must also have a tree, cloud, bush, and sun. They may add any other features they choose.

The drawing is to be in black and white only (a coloring sheet). The lesson teaches the use of tools for shapes and lines, grouping, arranging, order, fill versus transparent feature, and aligning. Some students will draw in 3D, others won’t. Students should be encouraged to experiment with the different tools on the tool panel (not just the rectangle and oval). The polygon tool is ideal for the roof. Use the freehand tool for the tree and bushes. Let their imagination go.

I had houses with peak roofs, flat top roofs, barn roofs, etc. They added decks, stick people, smoke, etc. It was fun to see their imaginations come to life.

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