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Here’s an introduction to computer word processing


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Introduction to Word Processing
By – Lesley Fentiman
Subject – Computers & Internet, Language Arts
Grade Level – Kindergarten-2
Children are being introduced to the computers in the school (Macintosh and PC). They are being asked to write and recognize their name and draw a picture of themselves. They will also be asked to name certain parts of the computer.
Outcomes (Objectives)
After completion of the activities children will be able to: *write their name and recognize their name.
* draw a picture of themselves.
* recognize pictures that have been presented to them be name and sight and match these pictures with a picture that has been hidden.
* Children will be able to recognize the letters of their name on the keyboard (previous practice has been given)
* children will be able to recognize pictures and name parts of the computer.
Equipment: Computers, Stencil with pictures and names of parts of the computer
Children have been previously shown pictures of: the mouse, the keyboard, the CPU and the monitor. These pictures have been displayed to the children and several children are questioned. Where is the mouse?
Where is the keyboard? Where is the CPU?
Can we see anything on the monitor? What does it look like?
Children are then given a stencil to match the names with the pictures. When this is completed they are then asked to go to the computer and write their name and draw a picture of themselves underneath. With Kindergarten it is necessary to have the computers set to the Word Processing Package and then have them quickly changed to the Drawing section. This is best used with Microsoft Works or Claris Works. The actual skill of changing to the Drawing package is too difficult at this stage.
Evaluation: Have children compare each others drawings and names. Print as many as possible in the lesson time.
This lesson was carried out in a computer lab using 15 Macintosh computers and a networked printer. The stencils were completed while the partner was working on the computer.

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