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Young students learn about “technology” in this lesson and use it to enhance their vocabulary


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Language and Technology
By – Nicole
Primary Subject – Computers & Internet
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – K-2


    Students will learn to enhance their language using different types of technology. Also, children will learn about everyday technology uses.


  • Students use spoken, written and visual language to accomplish their own purposes (learning, enjoyment, persuasion and the exchange of information).
  • By the end of 2nd grade, students will understand that people use many types of technologies in their daily lives (computers, cameras, audio/video players, phones, televisions).

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • computers
  • computer mouse
  • keyboard
  • stickers
  • cell phone
  • camera
  • radio
  • paper
  • pencil

Development of Lesson:


        In order to prepare the students for the lesson, assign the children to go home and see how many different forms of technology they have in their home (with parents’ help). The next day take a tally so the children can see exactly how many people really use the different forms of technology.


      • In the computer lab, each child should have their own computer for the lesson to be most effective. Start out with introducing the mouse in terms of left and right button. Mark the left mouse button with a sticker so it’s easy for the children to remember which is left and right.
      • Next the children should become familiar with the keyboard. Depending on the grade level, ask them to type their alphabet and different site words they are used to seeing.
      • Also, introduce to them some new words and have them type them using sentences. I find this keeps their interest because they’re using a different learning method by using the computer.
      • After the lesson, bring the children back to the classroom, group them in threes or fours, and have them talk about their favorite part of the computer and their favorite new word they learned. If you print their stuff out in the computer lab, they can also read each other the sentences they used with the words.


        To accommodate children with different needs, pair students of different abilities in the computer lab if necessary. Also, make sure to develop the words and sentences according to the needs of the children.


        Assess the children depending on their grade level. Give kindergarten and first grade students a worksheet with pictures and fun stuff to keep their attention in order to test what they remember. Second grade students should be given a short quiz.


      To close out the lesson as a class, discuss the other types of technologies the children found in their home other than a computer.

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